Festival of Trees Rules & Regulations



Large Trees Rules

  • Sponsors/Decorators must provide an artificial large tree of their choice. Maximum tree height is 7 1/2 feet.

  • Maximum display space allowed is a square with a diameter of six feet.

  • Your tree MUST BE 60% of the entire submittal or display.

 Elf Trees Rules

  • Sponsors/Decorators must provide an artificial tree of their choice - major part of the display must be the tree

  • Maximum tree height is five feet – minimum tree height is three feet.

  • Maximum display space allowed is 4x4 feet.  Elf trees show better displayed on tables, but keep in mind tables do NOT hold more than 50lbs.   

 Wreath Rules

  • Sponsors/Decorators are to provide a wreath of their choice.

  • The major part of the display must be the wreath.

  • We do have wreath stands, but keep in mind they can only hold a limited amount of weight.  You are welcome to provide your own stand.

 General Rules & Regulations

  • It is the responsibility of the sponsor to decorate on site or deliver the decorated tree to CAM-PLEX Wyoming Center by the date and time prescribed in the schedule of events for this year's Festival of Trees. Contact the Tree and Wreath committee chairperson for the schedule if it was not provided.  The schedule can also be found online at www.gillettefestivaloftrees.com

  • Times will be provided for decorating. All trees must be decorated by noon on Thursday.

  • The "Confirmation Forms" must be completed and on file with the Festival of Trees Committee before a tree will be accepted for display. This is for advertising and bid sheet purposes.

  • Sponsors must submit a theme name and description for their tree to the Festival of Trees committee by the date prescribed. Identical names will not be allowed. Names and themes will be reserved for the sponsor on a first come, first served basis. Descriptions will NOT be included on the signage of each tree.

  • All decorations must be securely wired or glued on the tree. Florist wire is recommended. Entries will not be accepted if decorations are not glued and/or wired. Bulb ornaments must have the top glued to the bulb. Lights must be new and in working condition.

  • It is the decorator’s responsibility to maintain all battery operation.  Any tree or wreath that has battery operated accessories must have someone in charge to turn them on/off and replace when needed.

  • A receipt for the estimated value of the tree and decorations can be provided to the sponsor for tax purposes if requested.

  • Sponsors may place gifts or items on or around their tree to enhance its value (i.e., gift certificates or related merchandise). Anything that is displayed on or around the tree must be included when the tree is sold at auction.

  • Any tree that is NOT sold is the responsibility of the sponsor and must be picked up after the auction or by noon on delivery day after the auction.

 The Festival of Trees Committee will deliver all large trees to the location designated by the purchaser within the city limits. If there are large accessories and props with the item, the committee may ask for assistance from the decorator/sponsor to help delivery.  The Festival of Trees Committee reserves the right to enforce these rules and specifications, as they deem necessary. Questions or concerns about the Festival of Trees should be referred to the Campbell County Healthcare Foundation.